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As part of us being the best carpet cleaning las vegas, we believe that we must have clear and open communication and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to explain what is to be expected so that there are surprises. Read along, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding our cleaning process.

  • Inspection

    As part of giving you the best carpet cleaning service, we start by inspecting and walking-through the carpeted rooms with you to address all areas of concern.  This is an important step, so it is essential that we have this time with you and your attention, as we will clearly explain procedures and processes to help you understand what to expect out of the cleaning.

  • Stains & Treatment Options

    Next, we apply our citrus based cleaning solution to the fibers of your carpet. We also, spot any stains with professional products to loosen and remove them during steam extraction. Stains we can treat are pet and human urine, vomit and feces. Also food stains like wine, coffee, juices, gum and others like lipstick/make up, slime and wax.

  • Agitation

    The carpet is moderately buffed with a brush to break up the soiling and emulsify the dirt away from the carpet fibers.

  • Extraction

    Then we use our truckmount equipment to pump out 200 degrees of hot water steams into the carpet to release dirt deep within the fibers. All loosened dirt and cleaning solutions are then extracted off your carpet. Note on HIGH TRAFFIC: Please read and understand that heavily soiled areas require deep cleaning. In some cases, the carpet in the high traffic area may still look dark after cleaning because the carpet has already worn out. Such condition of the carpet is considered to be a normal wear and tear to which it can only be cleaned to remove the dirt but its appearance can’t be recovered.

  • Carpet Protection (Optional Treatment)

    After the cleaning, we can apply a carpet protector for an additional cost. Carpet protector is highly recommended to help the carpet regain its stain resistance and to ensure your carpet investment maintains its appearance over time. Carpet Protection/Scothguard will make your carpet look better and last longer.

  • Post Inspections

    Our last step involves YOU, our valued customer. We perform a final walk-through to show how the cleaning went and what was accomplished during the cleaning.