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Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

Is your area rug a long-term investment, a valuable family heirloom, or a keepsake from a special occasion? You can save money by having your rug professionally cleaned while also preserving the value of an heirloom or new purchase.

The magnitude of a rug’s dirt and bacteria problem may not be obvious from the surface. Over time, keep an eye out for the accumulation of food particles and pet dander in the rug’s fibers. You may be unaware of a potential threat that could have long-term health consequences if you do not take immediate action to address it. The air quality in your home may be compromised as a result of dirt accumulation. Hire a professional to clean your rug to remove bacteria and make your home a healthier place to live. Professional area rug cleaner All Pro Carpet Steamers offers disinfectant application to kill bacteria on area rugs and carpets. Inquire with our technician about our rug cleaning process in Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson.

Keeping an area rug in good condition can be costly. Using harsh chemicals to clean your carpets on your own most of the time leaves moisture trapped deep inside them if you’re not careful. Mold can form when rugs and carpets are exposed to even the smallest amount of moisture, significantly shortening their lifespan. Professional area rug cleaning Las Vegas uses industrial cleaners, suction equipment, and professional drivers.

Yes! If your rug is in a high-traffic area of your home, it should be professionally cleaned twice a year. Hot water extraction and stain-protection treatment may be required when cleaning a rug, while dry cleaning is an option if the rug is fragile and requires special care. When planning your spring cleaning, don’t forget to include rug cleaning. You’ll also feel better about yourself because you’ll know you’re taking the best care of your prized design item. Hire a professional rug cleaner right away!