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Professional Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas – Get Prepared

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Las Vegas, NV


Your carpet cleaning appointment is upcoming. Please read our instructions before your appointment.
  • For efficient cleaning, please vacuum carpeted rooms prior to your appointment.

  • Water and electricity must be turned on.

  • Secure animals and small children away from cleaning area.

  • Move small furniture and pick up small objects off the carpeted rooms.

  • Secure bedding sheets under mattress.

  • Tuck draperies away from the floor.

  • Do not treat stains with DIY cleaning products or other store bought solutions to avoid permanent damage on the carpet. It can be easy for us to take out the stain BUT maybe impossible if it has been applied with non-professional products.

As part of us being the best carpet cleaning las vegas, we believe that we must have clear and open communication and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to explain what is to be expected so that there are surprises. Read along, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding our cleaning process.